All books are rated fairly and honestly according to my specific blog rating system. Most of the reviews posted are books I read by choice. However, I do accept reading requests from authors, publishers and publicists alike.

Electronic copies are accepted and if you wish to send me a physical copy of a book, please do keep in mind than I am an international blogger. For more details, click on About.

Requests are not always granted. It is only fulfilled if books are in the range of my preferred genres namely YA, NA, Contemporary, Romance, Dystopian, Fantasy and Poetry. I cannot determine a specific time period to post my reviews. However, ARC's are highly prioritized. Sponsored giveaways and blog tours are also welcome. 

I also appreciate bookish dessert requests from authors and especially readers. Same rule applies, not all requests are granted. The bookish desserts on this blog are from books I picked out myself ruled from personal enjoyment. And all of those creations are original ideas of my own. 

For more information, questions and clarifications, send an email to

Blog Rating System:
The number of stars given corresponds to my immediate thoughts about the book. Keep in mind that I do not give half stars.

5 stars - It was amazing! I loved it so much. *shifts to full-on fangirl mode*

4 stars - Loved it! Would definitely recommend it to others!
3 stars - It was okay/mixed feelings about it. I won't reread it.
2 stars - It was not for me.
1 star  - I disliked it.
No rating.

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