Fiction and Frosting is a food-slash-book blog created by a twenty one year-old, Audri. The site showcases cakes and other desserts inspired by a novel the blogger has read. The inspiration behind the blog sparked in early 2014, when Audri created an Instagram account called bakedbookpages. To date, the Instagram account is being used which gathered over 5,000+ followers. Bookish dessert creations by this blog will all be original and interactive for the readers.

Before Fiction and Frosting, the blog was named Baked Book Pages, which mostly consisted of book reviews. The blogger is an active member of NetGalley and also accepts reading requests from authors/publishers. With the newly renovated and renamed site, book reviews will be posted. If you would like to request a book review, please visit Reviews and Requests Policies.
Audri is a culinary graduate from The Philippines. She is an avid reader, home baker and mug hoarder. Although known for being quiet and reserved, her guilty pleasure may just be a good romance book.

She browses the local bookstores every time she has the opportunity to do so. Audri loves the online book community. She loves taking photos of her books and posts it on Instagram. Her makeshift shelves are getting crowded by the day. 

A few years ago, her aunt gave her boxes of Betty Crocker instant cake mixes. Audri got so giddy when the cakes turned out well. (They were instant cake mixes, after all.) With her tiny electric oven and a few broken whisks, she found a new hobby. Now she treats it like a lifestyle. Over the coarse of those years, her baking equipment collection grew. And her love for it, even bigger.

Fiction and Frosting hopes to satisfy every reader's cravings. And we hope you come back for second serving!