Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith: Review + mini cake!

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“How many times can a life be split into a before and an after?”

Windfall, just as I expected, was a really cute story. The facade may seem cliche. How many books have you read about childhood friends turned lovers? But this one really surprised me. First of all, I really liked the concept of the story. Winning the Powerball grand prize. I mean, everyone must have dreamt on how they’ll spend that amount of money, right?

Alice, our protagonist, bought the tickets as a means of a joke for her best friends 18th birthday, Teddy. She doesn’t believe in the so-called luck. Having both of her parents dead wasn’t screaming “I’m a lucky girl!”. But one thing was clear to her, she was very much in love with her best friend. So when the winning numbers came on screen, Alice knew that it was a beginning, but also an end. 

There were times when Teddy annoyed me. He wasn’t a very fortunate guy. So winning the powerball was instant fame and fortune. Money is not a subject people can easily small talk about. And I thought this book was going to be a money-centered one, and I’m so glad I was wrong.

Finishing it, I felt really happy. It wasn’t just about the money after all. It’s about the biggest love possible— family. And finding yourself. Defining who you are without what you had in the past, but what you are willing to become in the future. 

I’ve read other books that this author wrote, so I pretty much knew what I was going for. Windfall is clearly my favorite by author Jennifer E. Smith. I’d use a bunch of adjectives to describe it but I figured to just put it in cake. Yes, cake! A mini 4” vanilla cake with surprise chocolate chip frosting inside, and accents of edible gold (Yes, real gold). Windfall is sweet, surprising, and oh-so lucky!

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